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Lost in Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and the Mauritius, Reunion is a small French earth which is used to push aside the usual clichés of the tropical islands.
    Naturally, by coming to visit us, you can take advantage of beaches of white sand (and sometimes black) and soak in the turquoise blue water of the lagoon, protected by the coral reef, as you owe, please , dream about it in your distant countered.
But you should know that the main part of what Reunion proposes you, what is appropriate(clean) for him(her), they are the circuses (Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie), the Heights, the wild rib(coast), her habitants.
    Here, the nature left in inheritance an extraordinary wealth of landscapes and on a surface of 2500 km2 (the equivalent of a small French department), Reunion offers the variety of a continent.
    In every floor of its restless relief, the island changes face: she(it) plays to surprise to seduce you better, in every bend of her coasts or her roads hung on(collided) on the mountain.

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Example of sports activities which one can practise all year long...

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    In Reunion, most of the cities carry(wear) saints' names as well to show that it is about a paradise... The paradise of the variety (and the paradise of the walkers, sportsmen or walkers of the weekend).

Reunion carries(wears) well its name: it is the melting pot of a people mosaic, in the multiple previous history. The first inhabitants were. Later, arrived the slaves, east Africa and Madagascar. They were followed, after the abolition of the slavery in 1848, by Indian and Chinese employees. Quickly, the multiethnic unions became the rule(ruler), favoring a singular but plural culture...

One understands better the increasing craze of the tourists for the " fragrant country which the sun caresses(cherishes) " ( Baudelaire)

Better to know Reunion...  Please , do not hesitate...


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