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Drives in Reunion, island "natural" size   

The GR

There is two GR in Reunion.
The GR R1 makes the tour of the "Hook of Snows" (Piton des Neiges) by way of three circuses (Salazie, Cilaos, Mafate). The GR R2 proposes a big crossing of the island, from the North to the southeast, by way of two of the circuses (Mafate, Cilaos) and the volcano of the "Hook of the Oven" (Piton de la Fournaise).
It is possible to make only certain sections. One finds buses both or three stages.

- The GR R1: about sixty kilometres; 3 in 6 days. Height averages of 1750 m, with clearings collars about 2 000 m.

- The GR R2: 150 km. The variety of this path is surprising. But it is essentially a route(course) of mountain and the difficulties are numerous. Count between 7 and 12 days of walking.

  " Please , be allowed glide "

By the relief, its microclimates and the trade winds which cross her(it), Reunion offers one of the best sites of parapente to the world, because one can fly from it all year long. To dash into this sport, a good knowledge of the aerology and a perfect mastery of its wing are necessary.

Useful councils

- Inquire on the weather report before leaving
- Clothes: foresee a pullover, a waterproof(impervious) windbreak and, naturally , good walking shoes, light and notched; pastilles of Micropure for the adventurers otherwise bottles of water, torch or frontal. Indispensable: a Malagasy hat or a bandana, a sun cream and a gourd(clot) (2 - 3 l).
- Provisions and business(cases): provisions are available on the spot (except Sunday, even on Mondays) and most of the shelters of mountain serve meals. If you think indeed of reserving your residence, the sleeping bag is not indispensable. On the other hand, the liner is advised.
- Altimeters: attention, it is necessary to distrust to it because they give false indications in Reunion.
- Cards: card I.G.N. will be useful for you (nO 512 covers all the island) except when you buy topo guides of the House of the Mountain, which reproduce them. The most detailed(retailed) cards are the Top IGN 25 4401 - 4406.
- The times of walking: those that we communicate are given only as a rough guide.
- Leave early in the morning: to have the time to return in case the time goes bad and to take advantage of landscapes.
- Car: do not leave a rented car from hiking trails, especially at night.

Some good addresses
Southern heights: such: 02-62-33-84-93. Organize drives(rides) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; on inquiry the rest of the week. 360 F ( 54,9 euros) the rando. earned rates.
Rando Trans: such: 02-62-55-52-66.service of transport at first and in the arrival of paths.
Rando Run: tél: 02-62-26-31-31. The crossing of Reunion in 5 or 10 days proposes, from April till December, of the 1Er In the 10 of every month.
Jacaranda: such: 02-62-22-03-02. Being taken out rando, canyon, kayak, VTT with Didier. E-mail:

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