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Taken out of streams there is hardly 3 million years, the island carries(wears) within it the most beautiful and the vastest network of pedestrian paths of the region: Reunion is doubtless and without chauvinism nobody, the paradise of the walkers. Two long-distance footpaths (the GR R1 or " Tour of the Hook of Snows " and the GR R2 or " Big Crossing of the island ") come to complete the long list of the picturesque and varied ballads, which I suggest you discovering.


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   This part of the site was drafted for the attention of all the lovers of the pedestrian drive(ride), the accomplished sportsmen or the simple "brave" walkers, avid to discover authentic Reunion, that of the big spaces of Mafate's circus, framed(supervised) by vertiginous walls, the luxuriant vegetation of Salazie's circus sprayed with generous waterfalls, the high summits which dominate Cilaos's circus and, to end in beauty, the Hook of the Oven, one of the most active volcanoes of the planet, in particular in the recent years but whose eruptions, not explosive, are without danger for the population.

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c'est là que tout ce site a été conçu ... Le cirque de Mafate que vous pourrez découvrir, de long en large, en parcourant les pages suivantes. Le cirque de Cilaos Le cirque de Salazie le massif du Piton des Neiges, point culminant de la réunion à 3069 m autre coin de la Réunion qui m'est cher ... la Rivière Saint Louis Massif du Piton de la Fournaise, volcan très actif mais très rarement dangereux pour la population la Roche Ecrite, superbe point de vue Le Maïdo, autre point de vue inoubliable sur le Cirque de Mafate !